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About Us

Looking back it seems a very natural choice that we should decide to start a business to help our clients to maintain the attractive appearance of their home, or to refresh a tired and neglected home.

As a couple we share a love of creating a pleasant and inviting environment to live in (even when we are on holiday, we take “accessories “ to make our holiday destination living space more attractive – candles, cushions, our own choice of music etc).  We have owned 3 homes - the last 2 were "Do Ups", its fun transforming them into pleasant places to be.
At the end of the working week we enjoy beach walking, gardening, music, and entertaining friends in our little piece of paradise in Red Beach, Whangaparaoa.
Our business has grown wonderfully well, so in 2019 we handed over to Storm the part of the business he has worked at so capably for the past 10 years with us, allowing David to concentrate on the part he has become increasingly passionate about - pest control  - but he still cleans windows for modest sized homes, thus honoring the name he was known by locally in the earliest days of our business here " David the window cleaner "

David & Vicki

Wow! 2019 has been an exciting ( if exhausting )year!

In March I married the girl of my dreams and my soulmate, Briar!
As a couple we currently share our home with our beautiful cat " Maurice" - pronounced the french way.
We also share a love of the outdoors - tramping, camping, fishing, and snow sports.

And in July I became the owner of Rodney and North Shore Property Services, after working with David for 10 years.
I take care of all the house washing, roof and deck cleaning, low pressure chemical washing of all surfaces - fences, paths, drives, and also the medium to large building and house window cleaning.
I get great job satisfaction from my work -  creating an exciting visual transformation, and extending the life of the surfaces I have cleaned.  Seeing the excitement and receiving the grateful thanks of clients who are so pleased with the results of my work adds to the satisfaction of a job well done. Every day is different - challenging - fun.


David & Vicki