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About Us

Looking back it seems a very natural choice that we should decide to start a business to help our clients to maintain the attractive appearance of their home, or to refresh a tired and neglected home.

As a couple we share a love of creating a pleasant and inviting environment to live in (even when we are on holiday, we take “accessories “ to make our holiday destination living space more attractive – candles, cushions, our own choice of music etc). During 40 years together we have owned 3 homes (one we built new, and two that were “do-ups”) and have enjoyed the journey of transforming our houses and gardens into inviting places to come home to, and to share with friends and family.

David & Vicki
Commercial buildings too are places where people spend many hours of their day and week, so we enjoy our role in keeping these clean and well maintained, pleasant to work in.So, over 30 years ago,  initially in our home town of Christchurch,  we began our property care business to provide a comprehensive array of cleaning services to maintain homes and business buildings. When we moved to Auckland 20 years ago nothing changed, only our location.

We love to leave the job knowing  we have achieved an exciting  visual transformation, and likely extended  the life of the surfaces we have cleaned. Then receiving  positive feed back from clients just adds to our feeling of satisfaction at a job well done. 

We have formed so many wonderfully positive relationships with our clients over the years – we are still working for many that we started with 20 years ago – we have seen their children go to Uni, do their big OE, get married, have their own children. We have seen small businesses grow and succeed, clients retire and pursue their dreams, helped groom properties for sale, met interesting elderly people in retirement complexes…..

At the end of the working week we enjoy sailing, beach walking, gardening and music as our ways to relax, and enjoy the chance to spend time in our own little piece of paradise in Red Beach, Whangaparaoa.