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Residential Building Washing

The solution to lengthen  the life of  paint or coatings on your house - a house wash by our experienced operator.

Improve the appearance of your home, restore it to " just like new".

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" This is the best house wash we have ever had" -  M. Mills, Torbay, North Shore.

Our Method

Our house wash is usually with a low pressure chemical soft wash.

First the surfaces are sprayed with an appropriate chemical to soften the dirt and kills moulds, then the surfaces are simply cleaned and rinsed off with water using a low pressure soft wash.

Why choose us for your house wash?

David can plan and execute a safe and effective wash for your house, because he has 30 years of experience in property care services. There is a very real risk of damage to  the surfaces of your house if it is washed by inexperienced people.

Residential Low Pressure Chemical Cleaning