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Window Cleaning - Lifestyle

Professionally cleaned windows allow you to enjoy the beautiful view from your home .

Our interior and exterior window cleaning service not only gives you enhanced views, it is also beneficial for your health as we remove mould, pollens, dust, and other harmful irritants that may be lurking in  interior window corners so you will breathe easier.

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What we do ...

Exterior Windows

A detergent wash with a soft brush to dislodge dirt, mould, pollens, and sea salt spray, finishing with either a thorough hosing and air dry or with a blade to completely dry the glass.

Interior Windows:

A detergent wash with a soft brush to dislodge dust, mould etc, finishing with a blade to completely dry glass.

Window  and Door Frames and Surrounds:

Interior and/or exterior frames and surrounds, sliding door tracks etc can be cleaned as required to remove dirt, mould etc.
Lifestyle Window Cleaning

Our clients say ...

“Windows look wonderful, and a lovely polite worker!”

Judy M - Helensville

"I love my sparkling windows. David,  you are always so meticulous and conscientious"
Nancy G. -  Warkworth
"Thank you both - windows just perfect David. Many thanks."

Judith S. - Snells Beach