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Residential Pest Control

Safe effective control & eradication of spiders, flies, fleas, cockroaches, ants, borer, rodents, wasps.

David is a fully qualified and registered pest control technician. His training and experience enables him to assess each situation and to deliver safe, effective treatment.

Treatment may include spraying, fumigation, or baiting, as required. One spray treatment per year, on average, is all that is needed to control flying insects. This is very cost effective compared with ongoing costs of DIY pest control products and units.

For more information on pest control  & a quote visit our new website  www.nomorepests.co.nz

Residential Pest Control

How do I know your treatment is safe?

You can be sure that our treatment will be completely safe  for the following reasons:

  • In this country we have strict controls administered by MAF and ERMA on what products may be used, also at what strengths, and in which situations these may be used.
  • David is a fully trained and registered pest control technician who has years of  experience in the safe and effective use of these products.
  • Prior to treatment written details are provided to enable you to know what to expect, how to prepare your home or building,  the time required for people  to vacate the area during and after treatment, and any necessary after treatment guidelines.