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Residential Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Improve the appearance of your roof, and extend its life with our professional roof cleaning service.

Lichen can cause roof damage with its small " roots" which bury into the roof surface, causing damage.To lengthen the life of the roof it is necessary to kill the lichen, and any moulds present. A dirty roof is unattractive. Furthermore, if rain water is being collected from the roof it can be contaminated by bird faeces and dirt.

Using a Low Pressure Chemical Wash we will remove dirt, mould, bird faeces, pollen. sea salt spray, and lichen from your roof.  Also recommended is  an annual light chemical spray to prevent future build up of dirt and mould, since dust and spores are always present in the air.

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Residential Roof Cleaning


Gutter Cleaning

Stop overflowing gutters and water damage to your house.

Debris left in gutters traps water, making it heavier. This can cause gutters to sag, and during heavy rain the gutter may not cope with the volume of water and it will overflow. This can cause water damage and staining both outside and inside the building.

Also debris and silt can be a medium for airborne seeds to germinate and grow grasses and other plants inside the gutter. If rain water is being collected for use it can be unsuitable for drinking due to contamination with bird and rodent faeces, rotting plant material etc.

We will remove debris ( leaves, twigs, seeds, grasses, bird and rodent faeces, silt ) from inside gutters and dispose of this off the property. If necessary or desired ( especially where water is collected and stored for use ) we wash clean water through gutters with a hose after debris has been removed.

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